Ocean Freight

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Ocean Freight

Ocean or sea freight is the top transport medium around the world for import and export of merchandise.

This is because large quantities of product, as well as heavy and oversized cargo (Project Cargo). can be transported at once, in the safest way.

The ocean routes are traveled every day by various shipping companies, covering all borders. Which makes sea freight the protagonist of international trade.

At SCL, we work with the most qualified international shipping companies. Which allows us to take your goods to and from anywhere in the world.

The most requested shipments internationally are Oil tankers, bulk carriers, containerized and bulk (individual loose pieces). Sea Cargo Logistics is a key player in the logistics of all of them except for the transfer of oil tankers.

To achieve this, we analyze and carry out the shipment, always considering the best routes, efficiency in times and ideal transfer conditions for your type of cargo.

Going far, stayig close.

Our Services

Full Container (FCL)

Full Container Load, meaning as its name states, to a full container of cargo. In this case, your company owns all the merchandise inside the container. The filling is done directly at your plant and then exported to its destination.

Consolidated Container (LCL)

LCL (Less than Container Load) refers to the case in which your merchandise doesn’t cover the filling of an entire container. In this scenario, SCL manages the space in a container with your cargo and those of other importers or exporters.

Reefer or Refrigerated Container (FCL RF)

The main risk of perishable products is the loss of the much-needed cold chain. To guarantee the freshness of food, medicine and other products for human consumption, we use refrigerated containers to ensure their correct freight. At SCL, we specialize in handling refrigerated and frozen products.

Flat racks and Open Tops

For overweight and oversized cargo, we use containers that offer a wider range of maneuverability within them.

The Flat Rack has no sidewalls or roof, allowing heavier goods to be handled by cranes with greater accessibility.

The Open Top container, as the name implies, has side walls, but no roof. Which helps contain the load, allowing it to have an outstanding height.

RO/RO Load

Appointed to the specific transport of vehicles that have wheels and are operated by their own engine. Special vessels are used for this type of merchandise that cannot be containerized, such as trucks, cars or tractors, among others.

Project Cargo

When it comes to oversized cargo, as is the case with heavy machinery, we carry out special packaging and handling procedures to suit your merchandise. With this, we make sure to protect your cargo as much as possible so that nothing happens to it during the transfer.

Better Negotiatons

SCL has strategic negotiations with the leading shipping companies worldwide. Therefore, we offer competitive rates, available spaces for loading, days free of delay, letter of guarantee and efficiency in cargo delivery times.

Load from any origin to any destination *

We can move cargo to and from anywhere your business requires since we hold presence in more than 180 countries globally, through our network of agents.

* We observe OFAC recommendations.

Cargo Insurance
Acquiring cargo insurance is important when you look for safety merchandise transfers. Among the main risks that must be considered for sea shipments are maneuvers of loading, unloading, transshipment, ejecting, general average, collision, sinking, captain’s battery, theft and sweeping.

Your shipments always close.

Our end-to-end visibility solution so that you have access to the traceability, detail and analytics of your shipments from any place.

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