Project Cargo

Do you need to move oversized or overdimensioned cargo?

Project Cargo

Oversized or overweight load is the type of cargo or merchandise that exceeds conventional dimensions and weight.

To move this type of merchandise, also known as project cargo, the use of specialized vehicles, containers and packaging is required, in addition to, experience in maneuvering, handling, permits and other requirements.

At SCL, we have years of experience handling and transporting project cargo.

We study, analyze and supervise the most complex shipments of heavy and oversized cargo, to carry out its freight in the most efficient way.

Among the projects we have carried out for the import and export of this type of cargo, our contribution in the industrial, construction and energy sectors stands out.

For the industrial and construction , branches, we have shipped complete industrial plants, train wagons, pipes and cranes, among others.

We have experience in the energy industry for which we have transported generators, complete plants, accumulators, rolls of high-caliber cable.

Before making a shipment of this type, we carry out an in-depth analysis to design and carry out the transport, through a detailed Road Survey. We analyze the most efficient route in terms of inland freight, air freight, ocean freight or multimodal transportation methods.

Packing and unpacking is done «In situs», we take care of everything so that your cargo travels safely.

We carry out assembly and disassembly of complete production plants, at origin and destination.

We offer air and sea charter service for project cargo shipments.

Additionally, we can provide international coverage insurance policies, , tailored to your needs, to transport your cargo with complete safety and all-risk protection.

Going far, staying close.

Our Services

Complex projects are our specialty, our extensive experience supports us.

We manage the project end to end to the last detail.


Road Survey

Packing and unpacking
Dismantling and assembly of industrial plants
Loading and unloading with high-capacity cranes

Ocean Freight

(Loose Cargo, RORO)

Inland Freight


Air and Sea Charter

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